4 Unique Boutonniere Ideas for Your Groom | Wedding Planning Tips

While so much of the wedding is focused on the bride, we love giving a little spotlight to our favorite grooms! To help spark the creative process for our engaged brides-to-be, we have compiled four unique boutonniere ideas that some of our dashing grooms have worn in the past. A boutonniere is a great way to bring a little something extra to the groom's wedding day attire and it is one of our favorite (and frankly a little underappreciated!) details when creating the floral design for our couples. 

We know that many grooms do not always have an opinion when it comes to flowers but this is a great opportunity to get your groom involved and get creative together! For example the bottom left boutonniere includes one of our fall favorites, thistle! In the past we have previously used thistle to honor the Scottish heritage of one of our grooms. A perfect homage to the beauty of the season as well as meaningful to the couple!

Our floral designers especially gravitate towards anything special and unique, like the gorgeous, ephemeral Lily of the Valley in the upper right corner. Our couples' family had a history of using that particular bloom in weddings so it was a must-have for this bride and groom. However, Lily of the Valley is only available for a couple of weeks in the spring so it is a special day when we get to incorporate it into the floral design.

We cannot wait for all the goodness this new season brings to Georgia! Between unique flowers and greenery that comes with the changing of seasons, our upcoming weddings are going to benefit greatly from the beautiful color and texture that fall brings (and we may even be incorporating a little velvet into our next wedding's boutonnieres!). Keep an eye out for some sneak peeks in the next couple of weeks!

What kind of boutonniere are you thinking for your groom? Is there anything special and meaningful the two of you would like to incorporate into the boutonnieres? Comment down below!

4 Boutonniere Ideas, Augusta wedding planner